Weedens Phosphate Project

Previous exploration in the mid 1990s for under-cover Tennant Creek IOCG showed that the Cambrian section is at least 60m thick under parts of EL30672. The ground has only been held once previously for phosphate exploration, by Vale from 2010 to 2012. They drilled only three holes to 59m max, 5km apart, within the greater embayment, all south of EL30672. Vale was side-tracked by iron in the south of their former tenement package and suddenly withdrew NT-wide without testing the area now held by Territory Phosphate. An in-house waterbore study and reassessment of the Vale work has confirmed the prospectivity of this EL.

Weedens Title Map

Weedens EL30672. Green dots are percussion holes targeted on basement IOCG. They intersected prospective Cambrian stratigraphy but were not tested for phosphate. Red dots are Vale holes, 5km apart. Pink triangles are Vale rock chip samples. The pink outcrops labelled Cmg are the target formation superimposed on the topographic map. Pg is granite.