Dingo Hole Silica Project, NT

This project is targeting potentially high-purity silica quartz rock. The titles are contiguous with and north of the Ammaroo phosphate project.

Encouraging first-pass chemical analysis results of Dingo Hole Silica were announced to the market on 20 July 2015. These results were based on of visually-selected rock chip samples and indicate that the Dingo Hole Silica Project could be a viable source of High Purity Quartz.

Dingo Hole Titles

Dingo Hole Silica Project showing sampling to date and extent of outcrop interpreted from satellite imagery.

Verdant Minerals Ltd intends to engage with the pastoralist and to put in place the appropriate cultural heritage and government approvals to further investigate the potential resource to better understand its chemical composition and size, including in the subsurface.

The company has engaged Dorfner Anzaplan in Germany to undertake basic process development testing of a Dingo Hole Silica sample for high purity applications. High purity quartz requires several specific processing steps in order to evaluate the full market potential and most suitable applications. This test work will take a number of months to complete and will include:

  • Characterisation of mineral phases and inclusions
  • Processing and mineral dressing to produce glass sand and powder fractions
  • Physical treatment including attritioning, magnetic separation and flotation/high tension separation
  • Chemical and thermal processing including hot chlorination
  • Laboratory melting tests
  • Testing for EMC (Epoxy Moulded Compound) Filler Applications

Final reporting will provide advice on potential applications which may include:

  • Semiconductor applications
  • High temperature lamp tubing
  • Telecommunication
  • Optics
  • Microelectric applications
  • Solar silicon applications

Moreover, a future second stage of investigations on a larger sample of material, will aim to produce a high purity commercial sample which could form a basis for engaging with High Purity Quartz offtake partners from Japan, Korea, China, Europe or the US.