Brunchilly Phosphate Project, NT

The Brunchilly Project consists of three contiguous phosphate ELs east of Bootu Creek Manganese Mine near Tennant Creek. Depth to basement geophysical modelling, waterbores, soil sampling, and previous phosphate drilling all indicate prospectivity. Vale undertook wide-spaced drilling before withdrawing from the Northern Territory. Their best intercept based on their criteria of thickness x grade / depth was 24m at 3.16% P2O5 from 42m with indication that this should improve into Verdant Minerals' tenement areas. Access is excellent; reconnaissance phosphate drilling could be undertaken at the intersections of the many tracks linking bores in the area. A waterbore study is in progress. 

Brunchilly Project Titles

Brunchilly Project area showing waterbores highlighted as prospective for phosphate by CSIRO/Vale (red) and moderately prospective (orange). Minemakers' soil sampling in pink.